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Sunday July 28th

11:00am Building a Community in your Niche

Room: Tangent, S231
Katharyne Shelton & Isaac Gonzalez

No matter what you’re selling, there’s a variety of strategies to choose from when it comes to marketing. Perhaps you’ve invested in keyword research or paid advertising. Perhaps you’ve reached out to influencers in your niche. Perhaps you’re satisfied with the results or they’ve been mixed.

There is another method that costs nothing and is both underused and extremely effective. In fact, it can become a whole business in itself. That method is creating a community.

Of course, a community means that you have a captive audience where you can advertise freely to your members without paying. But there are a couple of other reasons why a thriving community is invaluable.

First, community members provide valuable market research. By listening to them, you can discover the specific problems they are facing that your business may be able to solve - and you get a headstart on your less connected competitors.

Secondly, communities give you social credibility. If you provide a great service or product, your community will reflect that with great public testimonials and reviews.

Plus, communities cut down on your support work. Customers can often find the answer they need in the community.

So how does a community work?

This April, Mark Zuckerberg showcased the new Facebook app that repositioned ‘Groups’ to be at ‘the heart of the app.’ Now, Facebook groups have more weight and visibility than ever before and admin have a wealth of new features to manage them.

Katharyne Shelton was an early adopter of Facebook groups and has built her business on them. She now owns multiple groups including three with membership in the five figure range, as well as a YouTube channel with 17,000 subscribers. Her Cultivate course dives deeply into audience and brand building. With her partner, Isaac, they have worked with those communities to develop multiple successful software products, information products and educational courses and classes across a range of niches, including the industry leading KDP software, Tangent Templates.

In today’s class, she explains:

  • How to get your community started and get it growing
  • How to use both Facebook Pages and Groups effectively
  • How you can manage your Facebook group and page anonymously if privacy is a concern
  • How to keep your community engaged with your content
  • How to offer products to your community (and examples of easy digital or physical products you can offer)

And much more!

We’d love for you to join us. Our sessions are information-packed, prepared but unscripted, with lots of spontaneous tips and tricks and questions and answers. We’re also super friendly and we love to meet new people… and we bring coffee and donuts!

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Monday July 29th

11:00am Self Publishing for Business and Bundling - Workbooks, Companion Books and Journals

Room: Tangent, S231
Katharyne Shelton & Isaac Gonzalez

Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) platform is a hot buzzword right now, but for Isaac and Katharyne, it’s a significant chunk of their business. They have been publishing through KDP and its predecessor, CreateSpace for several years and were among the first to use it for publishing blank journals, composition books and low content books.

Last year they created Tangent Templates, the leading tool for creating low content books on KDP and showed thousands of users how to publish high quality and attractive books in a matter of minutes.

In this workshop, we will introduce you to low content books and demonstrate how you can quickly create low content books and use them to enhance and grow your business including:

  • Workbooks and Guided Journals to accompany and enhance your services
  • Books that can be bundled with physical products and how to make this work
  • Books as marketing and audience building tools

We’d love for you to join us. Our sessions are information-packed, prepared but unscripted, with lots of spontaneous tips and tricks and questions and answers. We’re also super friendly and we love to meet new people!

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Tangent Templates:

This will be a small workshop with an atmosphere of support and kindness. Number of participants is limited so that everyone has an opportunity to share. We have run similar workshops and masterclasses at ASD and other trade shows such as CIMTA and many participants have found them to be a significant turning point in their business, gaining new perspectives, skills and techniques to scale and grow.

Katharyne & Isaac

Katharyne Shelton leads the 17,000 member group 'Treasure Hunting with Katharyne' on Facebook. She has provided coaching, support and help to thousands of online sellers and is an expert in Amazon's policies and platforms. Her numerous product creation and marketing courses have reached hundreds of devoted students, many of whom have created successful products, books and bundles with sales that rival products from big corporations, getting her a reputation as a hitmaker. Her Treasure Hunting YouTube channel has 12,000 subscribers and has also guided countless new sellers on their journey.

With a British MBA and a background in the arts, she is skilled in international marketing, sales and consulting but brings a unique level of creativity to her projects. She approaches teaching and consulting with a kind, empathic, playful and sometimes quirky approach, backed up with experience, knowledge and a pioneering approach to new ideas.

She sells on multiple platforms and currently focuses on Amazon FBA, CreateSpace, GumRoad and Merch. Together with her partner, Isaac Gonzalez, they founded Blue Sky Suite, a leading educational, consulting and software development provider for online sellers.

Isaac is a professional web developer and an expert in eCommerce platforms, particularly Shopify. He has developed products for resellers including and Tangent, using in-depth understanding of marketing algorithms, keywords and SEO to create these powerful research tools.